Welcome to DIET Manipur


The concept of DIET is to become model for other educational institutions in the district in terms of meticulous, efficient and effective planning and execution of functions, harmonious and creative organizational climate, maintenance of a clear and attractive educational campus etc.Building a generation of excellent teachers equipped with a spirit of service and higher values. DIETs were visualized as a way to infuse the system with the following essential inputs:

  • Provision of Pre-service and In-service teacher Education Programmes.
  • Organizing District level and State Level Educational Researches on issues pertaining to enrollment, retention, achievement, gender parity, proficiency and Drop outs.
  • Facilitating Collaborative Action Researches to enable practicing teachers to address class room issues.
  • Scouting Innovative Practices of Primary/Upper Primary teachers and disseminating them among their colleagues by organizing periodical District level Seminars and releasing News bulletins which carry information on Innovative class room processes.
  • Providing Resource Support to Non-Formal Education Sector by extending DIET expertise in developing curriculum and supplementary Learning Materials to adult learners
  • Designing and developing trainer Manuals for Angalwadi workers and for addressing Social concerns such as Crisis and Disaster Management, Gender Sensitivity, Leadership Manual for School Heads etc.